A Unique Tool On The Market That Solves The Problem Of Sizes In Online Shopping

It estimates the user size Verisize is an application that gives you the right size for each garment in an easy and effective way.

Advantages for the user and the online store It reduces the risk of buyer purchase and achieves a positive impact in the e-commerce bottom line.

from competitors

Created by software development experts

Developed by a team of researchers, engineers from the Computer Vision Centre of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, the leading institution in research and development in the Computer Vision field.

High reliability

We have used a large database of different body types and applied algorithms and multiple regression methods, achieving high accuracy.

Easy to use

You insert your height, weight and age and choose your body type out of 6 different profiles. Then, the system estimates the measurements of your body and processes them with the sizes of the brand online store, giving your right size for the garment selected.

How it works

You insert 3 data:
Height, weight and age
Choose a profile out of 6 possible
Given your data, your size is M for the garment selected
You can insert more data in case you want to further refine the estimate